A Restroom Cleaning Checklist from Our Experts

The condition of your restrooms says a lot about your overall facility and business to customers. Keeping your restroom clean and fresh sends a strong message that you care about the appearance of your facility and the health and safety of those who visit and work there. Using this handy checklist from the experts here at ICA Supply and stocking up on the right restroom cleaning supplies in Tucson will ensure your restrooms are always ready for visitors!

– Toilets, seats and urinal handles should be disinfected, cleaned and dried

– Urinal screens should be cleaned thoroughly and blocks replaced when necessary

– Sinks and all fixtures should be disinfected, cleaned and dried

– Mirrors should be cleaned using a glass cleaner

– Wall switches, door handles and all other high contact areas should be disinfected, cleaned and wiped dry

– Paper and soap dispensers should be disinfected and restocked when necessary

– Trash should be emptied at least once a day and new liners should be put in place

– Floors should always be free of trash and paper and mopped regularly

– Air and odor control systems should be checked for proper operation and filled when necessary

– All ledges and countertops should be disinfected, cleaned and wiped dry

– Drain covers and floor drains should be free of debris

– All light fixtures should properly work

If you follow this checklist, your restrooms will look and smell clean and convey a positive image about your facility and business. For all the cleaning supplies in Tucson and floor cleaning equipment in Tucson you need to make your restrooms shine, contact us today!

Trash Liners in Tucson: Making the Right Choice

Choosing the right trash liner for your needs is important whether you are recycling or collecting trash. The market is filled with many options, but not all can liners will get the job done right at your facility.

Calculating the right size trash liner in Tucson is essential. Choose a liner that is a few inches longer than the height of the container with a width that is approximately half the container’s outer circumference. Selecting the right size liner for your waste receptacle is important, and bags should not be heavier when full than employees can safely and easily remove.

At full capacity, the weight of your bags should be less than 50 pounds. Bags that weigh more create safety issues for workers when they attempt to remove them from receptacles.

When selecting trash liners, it is also important to consider the liner’s thickness, or gauge. The type of waste you are collecting will determine the gauge necessary. For example, if you are collecting plastics, a 1.5 mil is likely appropriate for your needs. If you are collecting glass or food waste, a higher gauge is recommended. The greater thickness will stop waste from accidentally leaking into the trash container.

Trash Liners for Special Facilities

Certain facilities, like food service operations and healthcare facilities, have special needs in terms of liners and waste receptacles. Hospitals, for example, must select receptacles that meet Occupational Safety and Health Administration standards and fire codes. For these facilities, receptacles with lids that can be opened without touching are ideal. Red trash liners of a higher gauge are needed for the disposal of medical waste.

Capacity issues and durability are top concerns when shopping for trash liners for the food service industry. Liners must be heavy enough to eliminate the risk of tearing or leaking once the bag is removed from the receptacle, but liners should not be so large that they become difficult to lift.

For help choosing the ideal trash liners, janitorial supplies and floor cleaning equipment in Tucson for your needs, contact the team at Industrial Chemical of Arizona today!

Cleaning Supplies in Tucson for Maintaining Office Floors

More than any other part of your office, your floors perhaps get the most brunt of activity every single work day. That’s because everyone passes through them day in and day out. It doesn’t matter if they step on it with dirt under their shoes or not. The fact is, they’ll simply step on the office floors, and you or your staff will be left to deal with cleaning the mess up.

Maintaining Office Floors

Thankfully, it is not impossible to keep your office floors clean on a regular basis. It’s just a matter of setting up a daily cleaning schedule with your staff and stocking up on a number of floor cleaning products in Tucson. Here are some of those you need to have at all times:

Mop And Bucket

There is no way your office can stay clean without the usual mop and bucket. This is great for wiping up any accidental spills or other liquid mess on your office floors. Ideally, you want something that is efficient in cleaning both wet and dry messes without damaging your floors. You should also favor a mop with a design that’s versatile enough to reach all your office floor spaces.

At the same time, you may want to get a mop and bucket set that allows you to clean, wring, and wash the mop head without much effort. This way, mopping up and cleaning the mop afterward will never take too much time.

Floor Cleaners

Ideally, you want an all purpose cleaner that you can apply to all kinds of floor so that you don’t have to stock up on too many kinds of cleaners. Look at the label closely and make sure the one you’re getting can handle ceramic, kitchen tiles, quarry, and porcelain without damaging them.

Floor Pads

These floor pads are not just for cleaning your office floors. In fact, they’re also for buffing and scrubbing the floors in order to make them shine. Ideally, you should get floor pads with minimal hand-arm vibration so that it will be easier for the operator to scrub and buff your floors.

Getting your cleaning products is easy. Just contact us today to get started!

Floor Care Cleaning Supplies: Your Questions, Answered!

At ICA Supply, we take a different approach than most other providers of janitorial supplies in Tucson. We pride ourselves on working closely with our customers from start to finish. Many of our competitors simply sell cleaning products and leave it up to you to figure out how to use them. We want you to succeed and approach us at any time with any questions you may have about your products.

We receive more questions about floor care than nearly any other cleaning or janitorial task. In this blog post, our experts tackle three of the most common floor care questions we are asked.

What can I do to make my floors look extra shiny?

The best way to make your floors shine is to evenly apply a high quality, clear floor finish. These finishes reflect more light, making the floor look shiny. Keeping your floors clean and refinishing when needed can also help them look their best for longer because finishes can become worn down or soiled over time after exposure to foot traffic.

I put several coats of finish on my floor, but I’ve noticed more floor traffic marks than ever before. What’s going on?

Applying too many coats of floor finish too quickly can interfere with the drying process and cause moisture to become trapped between coats. In the future, you can prevent this issue by performing a simple test between coats. Toss a tissue on the floor, then step on it with your foot. If the tissue sticks to the floor or tears, the finish has not yet dried and you should wait before applying another coat.

What can I do to reduce static electricity on my floors?

This shocking phenomenon can be prevented by following a few simple steps. As you apply floor finish, wear shoes with thin leather soles, increase the humidity in your environment, and mop the floors with an antistatic liquid to finish off the process. The antistatic liquid may need to be applied frequently to provide the best performance.

Have a question about floor care products or other janitorial supplies you’d like our experts to cover? Drop us a line in the comments below, and we may answer your question in a future blog post! You can also learn more about our floor care products by contacting us today !

Increasing the Efficiency of Your Cleaning Program

Cleaning professionals and people at home are always seeking out ways to boost the efficiency of their cleaning programs while reducing expenses. Achieving these outcomes can be a challenge, but if you follow these tips, you can clean smarter!

Stick to a Schedule
Routine cleaning doesn’t require a strict schedule because it is done daily, but carving out time for deeper cleanings is important, especially for floors. Proper maintenance is the key to protecting your floors and extending their lifespan. Deep cleaning can also make every day cleaning faster and easier, saving time each week. If you schedule your deep cleaning and stick to it, you are also less likely to have to make expensive repairs or to replace your floors.

Cleaning Your Tucson Cleaning Supplies
Properly care for your cleaning tools to make them effective and extend their lifespans. Tools that aren’t clean can’t do their jobs. Instead, they just push dirt and debris around, causing potential cross contamination and wasted time. Make sure your mops, towels and other porous supplies are regularly laundered to prevent bacteria and germs from breeding and to retain their absorption power.
Protect Your Floors
It costs approximately $600 to remove a pound of soil from your facility’s floors. Stop it from getting inside by installing floor matting at all entrances and throughout high-traffic areas. The right matting system will save time on cleaning in the long run and reduce wear-and-tear on your floors.
Utilize Microfiber
Switching from conventional dust rags or mops to microfiber offers more effective cleaning and better infection control. Microfiber mops can remove 80 percent more dirt and dust, and microfiber rags can remove 99.9 percent of microbes from hard surfaces. They can also save you nearly two hours of cleaning time per week!
To learn more about these tools and other cleaning supplies in Tucson and how they can help you save time and money, contact the team at Industrial Chemical of Arizona today!

Sealing Concrete Floors

Sealing concrete can mean something different if you have indoor concrete vs outdoor concrete, stained concrete, painted concrete, or a concrete overlay. If you have a natural gray concrete driveway, you are going to select a much different product than if you have indoor, decorative concrete that you want a high-gloss on.
Sealer… finish…or wax?

At ICA, on a daily basis we have customers who come in and don’t know if what they need is wax, sealer or finish. The term ‘wax’ isn’t as commonly used as it was decades ago. Paste waxes were frequently used on concrete floors and driven into the floors using a floor buffer. They were a natural product derived from carnauba wax and provided excellent protection for the floor. For ease of use and to achieve higher shine, manufacturers created liquid acrylic sealers that could be mopped on to the floor without the need of floor equipment. These products are easier to apply, maintain and strip off of the floor than the previously-popular paste waxes. Additionally, they create a higher shine on floors than paste wax.


A “sealer” denotes a product that is applied on the floor to protect the floor from water damage, stains, or to protect the top layer of the floor from surface damage. They can be oil-based or water-based and contain synthetic materials. Oil based sealers can be used indoors or outdoors, but the vast majority of water based sealers can ONLY be used indoors because they do not hold up to rain, sprinklers or regular contact with water and UV rays. Oil-based
sealers may contain petroleum products and therefore, require a non-synthetic applicator.


If a sealer is what protects the floor, you can think of a floor ‘finish’ as the visible part of the sealer that creates the shine on the floor. A sealer may not contain a visible ‘finish’, and not all finishes provide sealing protection for the floor.

Although some products are just a sealer, or just a finish, today the majority of the products on the market now are combination sealers/finishes which means that there is no need to apply the sealer first, and the finish in later coats. The product is 2 in one and provides sealing protection for your floor, and a matte, mid-shine, or high-gloss finish.

Penetrating/Impregnating Sealers

Although sealers may contain a finish that provides a shine, there are other sealers that provide only a protection to the floor, and are not glossy. These are called penetrating or impregnating sealers. These sealers are not topical sealers, meaning, they do not lay on the surface of the floor but rather, are meant to penetrate deep into the pores of the floor to provide protection beneath the surface. A penetrating sealer does not change the appearance of the floor at all. Once applied, a penetrating sealer cannot be stripped or removed from the floor. For specific directions on how to apply penetrating sealers, please contact the staff at ICA.

Enhancing Sealers

Another type of penetrating sealer are enhancing sealers. These sealers ‘enhance’ the color of concrete, flagstone, slate and other porous floors. They make the surface look damp, but not shiny. They do NOT create a glossy surface on the floor. Once applied, these sealers cannot be stripped off or reversed.

Call ICA today and we can help you select which product to use on your floor to help you achieve the look you are going for. In addition to selling many types of water-based, oil-based, indoor and outdoor finishes and sealers, ICA also has every piece of equipment, supply or product needed to give your flooring project the best possible outcome. We rent floor buffers, auto scrubbers, burnishers, and shop vacs. ICA also has a wide selection of stripping, scrubbing and polishing pads and brushes.

Sealing and Stripping Saltillo Floors

saltillo-before-afterIn Tucson, and throughout the Southwest, Saltillo Tile is a popular flooring choice. Saltillo, when maintained properly, can be a beautiful floor that can last for decades. The key is to choose the appropriate products to use on your floor, and establish a routine floor maintenance schedule to keep it looking beautiful.


If your Saltillo is brand new or has just been stripped, you must decide between using an oil-based or a water-based sealer. Both have pros and cons. At ICA, we can help you choose which would be most appropriate to use on your floor based on what look you are going for, whether your Saltillo is indoors or outdoors, your experience and skill level with sealing floors, and how big of an area you have. Some sealers can be applied with a finish mop, while others require a lambswool applicator. At ICA, we can tell you which product uses which kind of applicator to get you the best result. Whatever you do, DO NOT use the mop you regularly clean your floor with to apply floor finish with.


You have Saltillo, and they aren’t looking as great as they should. Perhaps they are scuffed, have lost their shine, look scratched or have patchy sealer. No need to worry! Stripping Saltillo need not be a headache. At ICA, we have all of the chemicals, tools and equipment you could possibly need to strip and reseal your own Saltillo, and get professional results. Choosing a stripper depends on if you have an oil-based or a water-based sealer. A stripper meant for water based sealers WILL NOT strip an oil based sealer.

If you have a large area to strip, have oil-based sealer on your floor, or if the sealer is very old, ICA highly recommends renting a floor buffer to help speed up the process. A floor buffer is a low-speed machine that spins at approximately 175 RPM and uses either a stripping brush or a stripping pad to quickly and easily remove the stripper. It is possible to strip Saltillo without a floor buffer, but it will take much longer, and require more product than if you used a floor buffer and a brush or pads. Not only does ICA rent floor buffers, burnishers, auto scrubbers and shop vacs, we also sell the brushes and floor pads you need for any flooring project. Call ICA today and we can help you decide which equipment, chemicals, and supplies your project needs.


You’ve put in the work and stripped and resealed your Saltillo floors. How do you keep them looking beautiful? Easy. Visit ICA and pick up a gallon of 100ss, our very own pH neutral all-purpose cleaner. This biodegradable, non-toxic cleaner has a neutral pH which means it is safe on your floor finish and won’t dull-out all of that shine you worked so hard to get. The water softeners in it means that your floor will not dry hazy, and will stay shinier, longer. Additionally, regular dust- mopping will prevent our desert sand from sitting on your floor sealer and scratching the surface. ICA sells several different styles and sizes of dust mops.

Saltillo floors do not need to be high-maintenance, and you do not need to settle for dull, scratched or patchy floors. Call or visit ICA and our friendly, knowledgeable staff can get you set up with everything needed to get your Saltillo floor looking beautiful again!


Love Saltillo, travertine, marble or stone floors but don’t want to strip, seal or polish them yourself? Call the pros at Arizona Tile & Grout. The staff at ICA has worked with Arizona Tile & Grout for years and have referred them out many, many times. They are a 4-time winner of the Angie’s List Super Service Award, are licensed, bonded and insured,(ROC 182889) and have specialized in Saltillo and stone floors for over 17 years. Call them at 520-909-1413 or visit them at www.arizonatileandgroutcare.com today!


Cleaning Supplies in Tucson for Healthcare Facilities

Many of our customers love disinfecting wipes for their convenient cleaning action, but many have questions about how to use them best in healthcare facilities. In this blog post, we will address the most common questions we receive on the subject:

Q: When can I use cleaning or disinfecting wipes instead of cleaning cloths and spray chemicals in a healthcare setting?

A: Disinfecting wipes are an ideal alternative to cloths and chemicals in operating rooms because they do not leave a mist behind in the air. For this reason, they are also particularly effective for cleaning around patients with respiratory problems. Disinfecting wipes can also be used in many other areas of hospitals and healthcare facilities because they reduce the risk of cross-contamination more than over-used rags.

Q: How can I make sure my janitorial staff is adhering to correct contact times with disinfecting wipes?

A: Dwell or contact times vary from wipe to wipe, depending on the product’s kill times and how fast the formula evaporates from a surface. If the product evaporates too quickly, re-wiping may be needed, and additional wipes may be required to ensure the surface stays wet the entire contact time listed on the label.

Q: Can I use disinfecting wipes around patients?

A: Yes! EPA-registered products are safe when used in accordance with the label, but wipes should only be used as intended. For example, wipes should not be used on skin or for hand hygiene if they are formulated for environmental surfaces.

To learn more about disinfecting wipes and other janitorial supplies in Tucson that can keep your facility safe and healthy, contact our team today!

Top Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Facility

Spring is the best time of year to take proactive steps to make your facility cleaner and more attractive through every season. Maintaining your facility this spring also improves employee morale and creates a great first impression for new visitors and clients. Follow these tips from our experts here at ICA Supply to get your facility in tip-top shape this season!

Go Green this Spring!

If your cleaning program does not already incorporate greener practices, now is a great time to start! Talk to our team about simple ways to make a big difference environmentally. We are happy to recommend the best Green Seal certified products for your needs, including eco-friendly paper products, soaps, cleansers and more.

Check Your Carpets and Floors

Our winters take a toll on flooring and carpets. Now is the best time to do a deep cleaning. Extend the life of hard surfaces by stripping and waxing, shampoo your carpets and create a regular vacuuming schedule to keep them looking like new throughout the year.

Do a Thorough Walk-Through

Look for small issues in your facility to stop them from ballooning into bigger ones. Bring your janitorial rep or facilities services provider with you to check for tiny details you may overlook. Take a look at your doors, light switches, ceiling tiles, fire extinguishers, cabinets, hinges, shelving, countertops and tile to see what needs a facelift or repairs.

Focus on Your Restrooms

The appearance of your restrooms creates a strong impression on guests, clients and employees. In addition to your daily cleaning, take time this spring to re-caulk sinks and replace mirrors if necessary, and check your baby changing stations, towel dispensers and toilet paper dispensers for needed repairs.

We provide all the cleaning supplies in Tucson and elsewhere that you need to make your facility safer, cleaner and healthier this spring. Check out our online catalog to start stocking up today!