100SS is Tucson and Southern Arizona’s favorite cleaning product. Recommended by professional flooring contractors and contract cleaning professionals, 100ss is the most important product needed in your home to keep it looking clean and beautiful. Specially formulated for our desert hard water, 100ss contains water softeners and tough, dirt-destroying detergents to leave your floors looking and FEELING super clean and shiny.

100SS IS pH NEUTRAL!!!! Why is that important? Any floor that has a floor sealer or finish on it should be maintained EXCLUSIVELY with pH neutral products, in order to not harm or dull the finish.

SAFE AND AMAZING ON STONE!-100SS is perfectly safe to use on all of your high-end surfaces such as travertine, granite, marble, soap stone, slate, cantera and more! 100ss is also the best cleaner for saltillo tile, polished concrete, concrete with finish on it, ceramic or porcelain tile.  Use it on a regular basis as a mopping liquid, or put it in a spray bottle and clean your counter tops with it! If you can safely clean it with water, you can use 100ss on it!

Stop in to our store today to see why 100ss is Tucson’s favorite cleaning product, and has been trusted and recommended by professionals for 40 years!