The Many Benefits of our Floor Cleaning Equipment for Sale in Tucson

Cleaning residential and commercial spaces is hard work. Why make it harder on yourself by not using the very best tools and equipment? With our floor cleaning equipment for sale in Tucson AZ, you can tackle even the toughest jobs with ease and clean faster than ever before. These machines increase productivity and even drive down your total cost of cleaning because they reduce labor in the long-term. Check out some of our floor equipment categories below and contact us today to get the best equipment for your needs and budget!

Floor Machines for Sale in Tucson

We carry Pacific floor machines – equipment that has a much-deserved reputation for incredible performance and reliability. Take your pick from both dual and single speed machines, each of which features heavy-duty construction, maximum uptime, minimum downtime and easy adjustments. Use them for a multitude of applications, including sanding, light buffing, carpet bonneting, finish stripping, floor scrubbing and more!

Floor Burnishers

Your floors will look like new again after using our Pacific floor burnishers. Rent or buy one today to create a safer, more attractive space, boost your facility’s image and cut labor costs.

Automatic Floor Sweepers for Sale

If you manage a warehouse, factory or other large facility, investing in an automatic floor sweeper is essential to getting your space cleaner, faster. We are a leading distributor of floor sweepers in Arizona, and the models we carry may be used indoors or out and offer outstanding maneuverability, comfortable operations and large cleaning paths.