ICASupply34We are proud to offer Pacific carpet extractors for rent in Tucson, AZ. These powerful machines feature top-of-class total horsepower and incredible airflow to deliver maximum cleaning power.

Healthier Homes and Businesses

Every day, bacteria and debris get into our carpets that can cause serious health concerns, including allergies, emphysema and even snoring. These molecules are picked up each time we go out into the world, and we bring them back to our homes and offices each time we enter.

When it comes to eliminating this debris and bacteria, a conventional vacuum won’t do the trick. The best way to eradicate these health-harming molecules is to use a carpet extractor. These deep cleaning machines rely on water and heat to kill micro-organisms and bacteria, leaving your floor covering sanitized and safer.

Powerful Stain Removal

Deep cleaning with a carpet extractor easily removes the toughest stains, most stubborn odors and deep-down dirt. By penetrating into the fibers of your carpet, Pacific carpet extractors give you the cleanest floors possible.

Hassle-Free Use

Our rental program makes it easy to use a Pacific carpet extractor when you need it — just give us a call to make a reservation, pick up your machine, use it to get your carpets incredibly clean, then return it. That’s it — you can leave the maintenance and storage to us. Renting janitorial equipment with us means less hassle and getting the cleaning power you need at a price you can afford.

Simply put, carpet extractors provide a deeper clean than conventional vacuums, and they leave virtually no residue behind. To rent one of our Pacific carpet extractors in Tucson, AZ, contact us today at 520-327-6331!


Pacific carpet extractors are ideal for homes, businesses and any facility with carpets.

  • Classrooms
  • Patient rooms
  • Hotel rooms
  • Carpeted islands in retail establishments
  • Hallways
  • Conference rooms
  • Facility offices
  • Lobbies and entry-ways
  • Upholstery cleaning (with use of attachments)


  • High quality rotomold construction prevents denting and corrosion
  • Corrosion resistant stainless steel wand extends life
  • Easy transportation and maneuverability thanks to extra lift handles and extra large wheels
  • Accessing key components is easy with clam shell design