How to Choose the Best Non-toxic Janitorial Supplies for Your Business

When you are searching for high-quality janitorial supplies in Tucson, one consideration may be how environmentally friendly the supplies are. Some of these chemicals even leave behind volatile organic compounds that get into the air and create fumes that make it difficult to breathe.

These tips can help you find the best non-toxic source of a good floor cleaning solution.

Janitorial Supplies

Look for Single Function Solutions

If you just need to clean the floors, find a cleaner that only does that function. Solutions that also polish or whiten flooring have added chemicals that you might not necessarily need at the time. Your floors will need to be cleaned more often than they need to be polished, waxed or bleached.

Choose Detergents

Most detergents are biodegradable and will do a great job at removing dirt, grime and grease from commercial flooring. While you cannot put dish soap into your commercial floor scrubbing machine, you can use a basic biodegradable detergent that uses natural scents like lemon, tea tree oil or citronella rather than synthetic scents. These natural ingredients also help to sanitize the flooring. A company offering janitorial supply in Tucson such as Industrial Chemical of Arizona can direct you to floor cleaners that use simple detergents.

Preparing Your Floors

After you have chosen the best non-toxic cleaner for the type of flooring that is in your business, it is important to take the time to prep the flooring. Some cleaners work best if the floor has been washed over once with plain water. This helps to loosen ground-in dirt. Also check whether the cleaning solution requires certain environmental conditions, such as temperatures above 70 degrees Fahrenheit or moderate humidity levels. Using the cleaners under the right conditions will help them to be more effective at cleaning your commercial flooring.


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