Disinfectant Janitorial Supplies in Tucson Keep the Office Healthy

The flu can decimate an office’s productivity just as effectively as a natural disaster or security breach, and that spells bad news for business owners. The Tennessean columnist Todd Barnes highlights how maintaining basic office sanitation and cleanliness with janitorial supplies in Tucson can help keep you in business.

Disinfectant Janitorial Supplies in Tucson Keep the Office Healthy

Come to work nonetheless

Surveys indicate that more than half of employees will show up for work despite a health condition. Some said they would do it to please their bosses, while others would do it out of fear of being reprimanded or even fired. Unfortunately, the chance of a healthy employee contracting a virus more than doubles if an infected person is present for work.

Lessen the chances of contamination

During the cold and flu season, regularly wiping down countertops, tabletops and frequently-touched objects greatly reduces the number of germs in the office, especially if a disinfectant from a reliable product supplier like Industrial Chemical of Arizona is used.

You can run, but you can’t hide

If you believe that your own office or cubicle is enough to protect you from a cold or flu virus, think again. One study showed that there are about 200 times more bacteria on the average office desktop than on a toilet seat. This is because janitors regularly clean and disinfect toilet seats, but not your workstation. This is something that users, especially those with shared desks, need to do on a regular basis.

Hit with your best shot

Ultimately, doctors say that the best precaution against the flu is to get a flu shot. Physicians recommend getting the shot at least a couple of weeks before flu season begins to give the vaccine time to prime your antibodies and immune system. Aside from regular disinfection with products from your trusted Tucson janitorial supply provider, employers should offer on-site vaccinations together with advice for healthy living and prevention strategies within the workplace.

Take them with you

Buses and trains also make excellent homes for germs, which is no surprise to commuters who have sat beside someone who coughed throughout the commute. Always keep a hand sanitizer within reach to protect your health while traveling.