duo cote fusion floor finish sold by ICA of tucson

Do your interior floors look dull, but you have no idea which sealer/finish to put on them? Want to bring your Saltillo or concrete overlay floors back to life? Then look no further than Duo Cote. Known for it’s ultra high-gloss and extreme durability, Duo Cote will leave your floors looking like the first day they were installed. This water-based finish is self-leveling, so it is easy to apply even if you have no experience. Come in to ICA today for a sample! Need to strip your floors before laying more finish? No worries! ICA has EVERYTHING you need to do the job yourself. From floor buffers, pads, strippers, finish mops, multiple sealers/finishes and Tucson’s favorite cleaning products, 100SS-ICA has everything you need to tackle that flooring project!