At Industrial Chemical of Arizona, our support doesn't end with a sale. We also provide our customers with the highest level of service to keep their machines running at optimum levels. Our team of experienced technicians can fix any floor scrubber or sweeper, burnisher or buffer, and we are committed to working efficiently so your janitorial equipment is back to running in to time.

Regular Maintenance

We offer a number of regular maintenance options to meet your needs, keep your machine running well for years and extend the life of your floor scrubber or sweeper, truck mount, floor burnisher or floor machine.

Floor Cleaning Equipment Repairs

Our highly-trained and experienced team of mechanics can repair any floor cleaning equipment, including sweeper,scrubbers, burnishers, auto scrubbers, buffers, floor scrubbers and more. If your machine is broken, we can fix it!

Our cleaning equipment repair service in Tucson, AZ, ensures that your equipment is ready to work when you need it. Keep your equipment in safe operating condition, prevent small problems from becoming big ones and reduce downtime by taking advantage of our services. To learn more, contact the team at Industrial Chemical of Arizona today at 520-327-6331!