Getting Tucson Janitorial Supplies & More Tips for Cleaning Businesses

Let’s say you decided to establish a janitorial service in Tucson, AZ. If you’ve already got your janitorial supplies from a Tucson provider of cleaning products, enough capital to start the ball rolling, and, most importantly, the will to make your cleaning business succeed, then it’s time to get to work.

Before you hit the ground running, take time to learn the steps budding entrepreneurs usually undergo to get their business started, through this article from Megan Martin for the Houston Chronicle:

Cleaning Businesses

Grab golden opportunities

More and more companies today are outsourcing their cleaning jobs. That’s where you come in. There are some pretty lucrative janitorial contracts to be won for factories, schools, churches, and even private residences, provided that you have the right equipment. Reach out to these potential contracts to build your business in its early days.

Find a location for your business

You need to set up shop before you begin accepting contracts. Establish an office in your home or garage while you hunt for a business space, or consider renting an office space with ample room for storing equipment and supplies if you are unable to do business from home.

Stock up on cleaning supplies in Tucson
Visit cleaning equipment suppliers like Industrial Chemical of Arizona to secure quotes on buying or renting each piece of equipment you’ll need. Remember that different target markets require different cleaning supplies. Purchase equipment that would be used frequently for most jobs, such as brooms, ladders, brushes, vacuums, and floor cleaners. Rent specialized equipment like scrubbers and buffers until your business begins to flourish.

Hire competent people

Employee turnover in the janitorial industry has been high lately, so make sure your wages are competitive, and offer perks such as health and dental benefits to make your company more attractive to potential employees.

Size up the competition

Find out what other local janitorial companies offer and differentiate your business from them by offering specialized services, lower prices, and even freebies. Invest in traditional and digital marketing materials like social media, classified ads, flyers, and the like that communicate the uniqueness of your business.