Increasing the Efficiency of Your Cleaning Program

Cleaning professionals and people at home are always seeking out ways to boost the efficiency of their cleaning programs while reducing expenses. Achieving these outcomes can be a challenge, but if you follow these tips, you can clean smarter!

Stick to a Schedule
Routine cleaning doesn’t require a strict schedule because it is done daily, but carving out time for deeper cleanings is important, especially for floors. Proper maintenance is the key to protecting your floors and extending their lifespan. Deep cleaning can also make every day cleaning faster and easier, saving time each week. If you schedule your deep cleaning and stick to it, you are also less likely to have to make expensive repairs or to replace your floors.

Cleaning Your Tucson Cleaning Supplies
Properly care for your cleaning tools to make them effective and extend their lifespans. Tools that aren’t clean can’t do their jobs. Instead, they just push dirt and debris around, causing potential cross contamination and wasted time. Make sure your mops, towels and other porous supplies are regularly laundered to prevent bacteria and germs from breeding and to retain their absorption power.
Protect Your Floors
It costs approximately $600 to remove a pound of soil from your facility’s floors. Stop it from getting inside by installing floor matting at all entrances and throughout high-traffic areas. The right matting system will save time on cleaning in the long run and reduce wear-and-tear on your floors.
Utilize Microfiber
Switching from conventional dust rags or mops to microfiber offers more effective cleaning and better infection control. Microfiber mops can remove 80 percent more dirt and dust, and microfiber rags can remove 99.9 percent of microbes from hard surfaces. They can also save you nearly two hours of cleaning time per week!
To learn more about these tools and other cleaning supplies in Tucson and how they can help you save time and money, contact the team at Industrial Chemical of Arizona today!