Buying New vs. Rental Equipment in Tucson, AZ

Maintenance departments often rely on cleaning equipment to help them get the job done faster and more efficiently, but which is better: renting or buying? Buying floor cleaning equipment makes sense if you are cleaning often because you’ll have the equipment you need on hand, but it also means that you are responsible for storing and maintaining your equipment. If you aren’t using your equipment often, those burdens alone may…

Rental Equipment in Tucson AZ from ICA Supply

ICA Supply offers an extensive inventory of rental floor cleaning equipment in Tucson, AZ, for any residential, commercial or contract cleaning need. We are happy to recommend the best equipment for your budget and goals, and we ensure that all of our equipment for rent is regularly inspected and maintained by our service staff to deliver top-notch performance when you need it.

Choosing Cleaning Supplies in Tucson for Vinyl Flooring

As a contractor, it is your responsibility to ensure high-quality workmanship with every project you handle. You will need to use the right tools and techniques and pay particular attention to preserving the beauty of floor surfaces. Although the task of cleaning vinyl floors may seem pretty simple, doing the job correctly requires choosing the right cleaning supplies in Tucson. Consider these tips when choosing cleaning supplies and working with…

Truckmount Repairs & Service in Tucson

At Industrial Chemical of Arizona, our support doesn’t end with a sale. We continue to provide the highest level of service after a sale to ensure our customers’ machines run at optimum levels. Our team of knowledgable, experienced technicians can fix any piece of equipment, including truck mounts, and we are dedicated to providing fast, effective solutions that get your equipment back to running at peak performance in no time.…

Looking for Janitorial Supplies in Tucson? Here’s What to Look For

The break room sink, the microwave in the pantry, the keyboards, the fridge, the water fountain, and the vending machine—these are basic things you would find in almost all offices today. One thing they have in common is that they are frequently used throughout the day by one or more employees. Another common denominator is that these items are also the greatest germ havens in typical offices in the U.S.