Rental Equipment in Tucson AZ from ICA Supply

RentalEquipmentTucsonAZICA Supply offers an extensive inventory of rental floor cleaning equipment in Tucson, AZ, for any residential, commercial or contract cleaning need. We are happy to recommend the best equipment for your budget and goals, and we ensure that all of our equipment for rent is regularly inspected and maintained by our service staff to deliver top-notch performance when you need it.

Rental Carpet Cleaning Equipment in Tucson

We are proud to offer carpet extraction equipment for rent by Pacific. These machines significantly reduce the amount of debris, dust and bacteria in carpets that can cause health issues like emphysema, asthma and allergies. Our deep cleaning machines use heat and water to kill bacteria and micro-organisms, leaving your carpets safer and more sanitary. Our carpet extractors also remove even the toughest stains with ease, giving you the cleanest floors possible.

Floor Machine Rental

Our inventory of floor cleaning equipment for rent in Tucson also includes Pacific floor machines, featuring heavy-duty construction, easy handle adjustment, extended life and steel cable strain relief for less nuisances and maximum uptime. These cleaning machines are ideal for a nubbier of applications, including light buffing, sanding, floor scrubbing, finish stripping and carpet bonneting.

We offer flexible rental programs to suit your needs and budget, and we are happy to train your staff on the proper operation of all our rental units. To learn more about renting cleaning equipment in Tucson, contact the team at ICA Supply today at 520-327-6331.