A Restroom Cleaning Checklist from Our Experts

bathroom cleaning supplies and advice from ICA in tucson

The condition of your restrooms says a lot about your overall facility and business to customers. Keeping your restroom clean and fresh sends a strong message that you care about the appearance of your facility and the health and safety of those who visit and work there. Using this handy checklist from the experts here at ICA Supply and stocking up on the right restroom cleaning supplies in Tucson will ensure your restrooms are always ready for visitors!

– Toilets, seats and urinal handles should be disinfected, cleaned and dried

– Urinal screens should be cleaned thoroughly and blocks replaced when necessary

– Sinks and all fixtures should be disinfected, cleaned and dried

– Mirrors should be cleaned using a glass cleaner

– Wall switches, door handles and all other high contact areas should be disinfected, cleaned and wiped dry

– Paper and soap dispensers should be disinfected and restocked when necessary

– Trash should be emptied at least once a day and new liners should be put in place

– Floors should always be free of trash and paper and mopped regularly

– Air and odor control systems should be checked for proper operation and filled when necessary

– All ledges and countertops should be disinfected, cleaned and wiped dry

– Drain covers and floor drains should be free of debris

– All light fixtures should properly work

If you follow this checklist, your restrooms will look and smell clean and convey a positive image about your facility and business. For all the cleaning supplies in Tucson and floor cleaning equipment in Tucson you need to make your restrooms shine, contact us today!