Sealing and Stripping Saltillo Floors

saltillo-before-afterIn Tucson, and throughout the Southwest, Saltillo Tile is a popular flooring choice. Saltillo, when maintained properly, can be a beautiful floor that can last for decades. The key is to choose the appropriate products to use on your floor, and establish a routine floor maintenance schedule to keep it looking beautiful.


If your Saltillo is brand new or has just been stripped, you must decide between using an oil-based or a water-based sealer. Both have pros and cons. At ICA, we can help you choose which would be most appropriate to use on your floor based on what look you are going for, whether your Saltillo is indoors or outdoors, your experience and skill level with sealing floors, and how big of an area you have. Some sealers can be applied with a finish mop, while others require a lambswool applicator. At ICA, we can tell you which product uses which kind of applicator to get you the best result. Whatever you do, DO NOT use the mop you regularly clean your floor with to apply floor finish with.


You have Saltillo, and they aren’t looking as great as they should. Perhaps they are scuffed, have lost their shine, look scratched or have patchy sealer. No need to worry! Stripping Saltillo need not be a headache. At ICA, we have all of the chemicals, tools and equipment you could possibly need to strip and reseal your own Saltillo, and get professional results. Choosing a stripper depends on if you have an oil-based or a water-based sealer. A stripper meant for water based sealers WILL NOT strip an oil based sealer.

If you have a large area to strip, have oil-based sealer on your floor, or if the sealer is very old, ICA highly recommends renting a floor buffer to help speed up the process. A floor buffer is a low-speed machine that spins at approximately 175 RPM and uses either a stripping brush or a stripping pad to quickly and easily remove the stripper. It is possible to strip Saltillo without a floor buffer, but it will take much longer, and require more product than if you used a floor buffer and a brush or pads. Not only does ICA rent floor buffers, burnishers, auto scrubbers and shop vacs, we also sell the brushes and floor pads you need for any flooring project. Call ICA today and we can help you decide which equipment, chemicals, and supplies your project needs.


You’ve put in the work and stripped and resealed your Saltillo floors. How do you keep them looking beautiful? Easy. Visit ICA and pick up a gallon of 100ss, our very own pH neutral all-purpose cleaner. This biodegradable, non-toxic cleaner has a neutral pH which means it is safe on your floor finish and won’t dull-out all of that shine you worked so hard to get. The water softeners in it means that your floor will not dry hazy, and will stay shinier, longer. Additionally, regular dust- mopping will prevent our desert sand from sitting on your floor sealer and scratching the surface. ICA sells several different styles and sizes of dust mops.

Saltillo floors do not need to be high-maintenance, and you do not need to settle for dull, scratched or patchy floors. Call or visit ICA and our friendly, knowledgeable staff can get you set up with everything needed to get your Saltillo floor looking beautiful again!


Love Saltillo, travertine, marble or stone floors but don’t want to strip, seal or polish them yourself? Call the pros at Arizona Tile & Grout. The staff at ICA has worked with Arizona Tile & Grout for years and have referred them out many, many times. They are a 4-time winner of the Angie’s List Super Service Award, are licensed, bonded and insured,(ROC 182889) and have specialized in Saltillo and stone floors for over 17 years. Call them at 520-909-1413 or visit them at today!