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Your floor is an investment. Protect and extend the life of your investment by using the right floor maintenance supplies for your Tucson floor type. Shop where the pros shop and come to ICA for expert advice on how to strip, seal, clean and maintain your floor, like the floor manufacturer or installer, would. Our friendly staff will listen to you and can walk you through your project so you get professional results while saving time, money and frustration.


A floor finish is a water or oil-based product that is meant to be mopped on, applied with a sprayer, or lambswool applicator. These products create a topical barrier on the surface of your floor that protects your floor from stains and damage, while also creating shine.

Floor & Surface Sealers

Some floors need a sealer to protect them from stains and damage, but are NOT meant to take a shiny topcoat “finish”. These products are sealers that do not create a shine-producing finish. Water and oil-based sealers are available. ICA can help you pick the right one for your floor.

Floor Strippers & Coating Removers

If it’s been a while since your floor looked its best, it might be time to strip and re-seal or re-finish your floor. Available in both water or oil-based formulas, ICA carries the right strippers to remove even the toughest sealers and industrial coatings.

Floor & Surface Cleaners

Wondering how to keep your floor clean while also protecting the shiny finish? ICA has several products that will help you get your floor clean, which is also safe for your floor and countertops.

Keep Floors Looking Like New

Home Cleaning Supplies and Equipment in Tucson, Arizona

Our inventory of floor refinishing and maintenance products can tackle any issue on any floor surface. Clean and protect your carpets with stain removers and pet spotters, restore the look of your grout with our specialty cleaners and refresh your hardwood and laminate floors. 

We also provide, sell and repair floor refinishing and cleaning equipment from some of the top manufacturers in the industry. Our rental program makes it easy to get the equipment you need when you need it. Contact us today to learn more about our rental carpet extractors, floor buffers, burnishers and more!

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