Tucson Janitorial Supplies Help Keep Your Restroom Smelling Fresh

There’s more to keeping a restroom clean than just making sure it looks clean. There is also the matter of disinfecting all surfaces and eliminating foul odors. After all, a foul odor in the bathroom is enough to drive customers away.

Although losing customers because of a smelly bathroom may sound silly, the fact is that you need to use the proper Tucson janitorial supplies and observe the correct cleaning techniques. This way, you can ensure customer satisfaction and steer clear of sanitation concerns that could spell disaster.

The Right Cleaning Methods

Make sure all cleaning personnel follow a strict bathroom cleaning schedule, wear protective cleaning gear, and use effective cleaning solutions. Cleaning should start from high-traffic areas to the areas less frequented by customers. Sweep more than once if necessary and follow it up by mopping the floor with the appropriate cleaning solution. After that, wipe down high-touch surfaces like desks and door handles with disinfectant. Remember to use only top-of-the-line products from a Tucson janitorial supply company like Industrial Chemical of Arizona.

Identify the Sources of Bad Smells

Urine has an overpowering smell that can only worsen if it is left to dry, so make regular bathroom disinfection a habit. Since you are bound to find stains in places you least expect, be on the lookout as well. If you notice a pervasive musty odor, check for leaky faucets or faulty pipes that could be a creating a damp environment that encourages mold growth.

Deodorize Restrooms

Whatever the source of any foul smell you come across, never be content with simply masking the odor with air fresheners as this will only make things worse once the bad odors mix with the scent. See that you use air fresheners and other scent-based products only after a thorough cleaning. A good strategy would be to air out the room first. Open windows and doors or turn on the exhaust fan to let out the bad smells.

Your cleaning strategies should always prioritize safety. Remember to put up “wet floor” and “cleaning ongoing” signs to prevent accidents. Above all, use cleaning products from trusted suppliers like Industrial Chemical of Arizona.

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