Using Cleaning Chemicals Safely

Misusing cleaning chemicals can result in serious injuries and accidents, and it can also lead to extra expenses due to product waste. Follow these guidelines to teach your janitorial staff the safest ways to use cleaning chemicals.

1. Before using products, staff should read and re-read labels to fully comprehend the properties and potential dangers of each solution.

2. Staff should also carefully read SDS information to understand the potential risks involved in using a cleaning chemical.

3. Avoid the “chug a lug” method by investing in measuring cups. Using cups reduces product waste and also prevents surface damages from mixtures that are too strong or weak.

4. Staff should never mix chemicals unless instructed by the manufacturer.

5. Staff should know when to pour the cleaning solution into water or to pour water into the solution, and they should wear personal protective equipment and avoid splashing other surfaces when working with cleaning chemicals.

Following these tips will help keep your staff safe and your facility clean. To learn more about our cleaning chemicals, contact our team today today!