DIY Projects/Supplies

Whatever your flooring project, ICA has you covered. Some examples of flooring projects and the accompanying products & supplies we carry are:

Concrete Stain

Concrete need a makeover? We have everything you need to change or enhance the color of your concrete and seal it properly when finished. ICA is proud to partner with Kemiko, the maker of the best concrete stain. For more information including color charts and instructional videos on how to stain your concrete please visit

Cleaning Your Carpet

Nothing looks and feels better than clean, fluffy carpet under your toes. ICA can help you get your carpet looking its best by offering professional carpet extraction equipment and the highest quality chemicals from American and Canadian manufacturers. ICA proudly carries Procyon products which are completely soap free, odor free and non-toxic. Their products provide a great result while also being safe for children and pets!

Cleaning Your Home

Not only are we flooring experts, we also have Tucson’s best cleaning products. Whether you saw a YouTube or TikTok video or were referred in by your professional cleaner, ICA has exactly the product you are looking for. We carry products for: Getting rid of hard water on glass, removing the ring in your toilet, high-quality dust mops to keep your floors scratch-free, grout brushes, glass cleaners, the market’s best combination stainless steel AND wood cleaner, and so much more!!! Come in and see us today and get your home looking and smelling as clean as possible!

Facility Maintenance/ Janitorial Supplies

Looking for products for your business, school or facility? Again, ICA has you covered.

Industrial Chemical of Arizona provides innovative solutions to all your business cleaning challenges. When you partner with us, you get access to a dedicated team of experts you can count on, with over 40 years of experience helping businesses just like yours become cleaner, safer and healthier. We support every aspect of your facility maintenance needs by offering only the highest-quality cleaning supplies, paper products and floor cleaning equipment in Tucson, AZ.

We have a large selection of can liners, soap, paper products, chemical dilution systems, disinfectants, gloves, safety equipment, dispensers and more!