We offer an expansive inventory of industrial cleaning equipment for sale in Tucson, Arizona, for all your residential, industrial or commercial cleaning needs. Our machines boost productivity and help you clean more efficiently than ever before while driving down your total cleaning costs, and we are happy to connect you with the right equipment for your budget and needs.

We carry: auto scrubbers, floor buffers, burnishers, back pack vacuums, industrial wet/dry vacuums, carpet extractors, ozone machines and more!

Auto Scrubbers

¬†Whether you need a large, ride-on auto scrubber for a large warehouse, a large walk-behind auto scrubber for your large facility, a medium-sized auto scrubber for a commercial building, or a small auto scrubber for residential use or smaller jobs, ICA has you covered! Say goodbye to mops and buckets forever, and hello to fast, powerful, superior cleaning! ICA’s automatic floor scrubbers easily remove dirt and grime from your floors, scrubbing them clean and leaving them dry in just one pass. We are proud to partner with IPC Eagle, NaceCare Solutions and Pacific Floorcare to provide you with the exact piece of equipment to suit your needs.

Drop in to our Speedway location today to see all of our available auto scrubbers!

Floor Buffers

Our inventory of floor buffers allow for easy maneuverability in even the tightest spaces, making them ideal for every day use in your educational, healthcare, industrial or retail facility. Instead of spending hours manually scrubbing and polishing your floors, you can make them shine in minutes with these efficient machines.

Floor Burnishers

Want to keep your floors looking bright and clean? Our line of Hawk floor burnishers keep your floors looking like new! These machines enhance your facility’s image, lower labor costs and create safer, cleaner and more attractive spaces.

Floor Sweepers

ICA is a leading distributor of floor sweepers in Tucson, and our machines offer unsurpassed outdoor and indoor sweeping. The ideal solution for cleaning factories, warehouses and other facilities, our floor sweeping equipment features excellent maneuverability, large cleaning paths and safe and comfortable operations.