Floor & Surface Sealers

Floor & Surface Sealers

When shopping for the best and largest selection of floor sealers in Tucson look no further than Industrial Chemical of Arizona. You’ve decided you need to seal your floor and countertops… but what does that mean? Brushing on a glossy liquid that makes your floors ‘look’ sealed, is not the correct way to do it. You must understand what kind of surface you have. Is it man-made? Or is it a natural stone? Is it meant to take a topical sealer? Does the manufacturer have recommendations for your particular floor type? All of these factors must be taken into consideration.

The knowledgeable staff at Industrial Chemical of Arizona can help you navigate the sometimes complicated world of selecting the appropriate sealer for your floor or surfaces.

What does ‘floor sealer’ actually mean?

Applying a sealer to a floor or surface is done because the floor needs a product to provide protection from stains, scratches, or both. It is not JUST an aesthetic product. Yes, some sealers and finishes can make the floor look shiny, or enhanced, but that is in addition to the protection that sealers provide.

Is a floor wax the same as a floor sealer?

Sealers are sometimes called finishes or wax, even though these are technically three distinct products categories. “Wax” is a term not commonly used any more but in decades past, floor sealer was a literal wax that had to be warmed up and then buffed onto a floor. Floor sealers and finishes have come a long way. Now, sealers and finishes can be mopped on, applied with a lambswool applicator, or microfiber flat mop.

Is a floor finish the same as a floor sealer?

A “finish” is a product that is meant to be applied to your floor in several different layers or ‘coats’, and leaves a certain level of gloss or ‘finish’, from high-gloss to low-sheen and everything in between. A ‘sealer’ is meant to protect your floor and is either a component in a combination sealer and finish product or a stand-alone product that is applied onto your floor that DOES NOT produce a shine or leave a ‘finish’.

Which floor sealer do I need?

Industrial Chemical of Arizona carries a wide assortment of sealers for granite, travertine, slate, marble, brick, quarry, pavers and more. Penetrating sealers are meant to be applied directly ONTO the floor or countertop surface wiping off the excess. They are not meant to be applied in several coats in order to build shine. Some penetrating sealers are also ‘enhancing’ sealers, which enhances or darkens the color of the floor or countertop surface. Think of flagstone after it rains, the moisture causes the flagstone to take on a rich, deep color.

Be sure to consult an expert before you make a mistake that is possibly irreversible.

  • Not all products are equal in quality, and some products cannot be undone, so it is very important you select the correct product the first time.
  • Not all finishes have a sealer in them. Some products are combination sealers and finishes, while some products are sealers only, that produce no shine, and contain no ‘finish’.

A quick phone call with Industrial Chemical of Arizona can help you narrow down which product you need. Visit our store and bring pictures on your phone of your floor or countertop surface, and we can help you select the right product that will help you achieve the beautiful, professional results you are looking for. When shopping for floor sealers in Tucson, visiting Industrial Chemical of Arizona should be your first step!

Penetrating Sealer- Oil Based

511 Porous Plus

511 Porous Plus is a penetrating sealer designed for the protection of the most porous surfaces. 511 Porous Plus forms an invisible barrier that is resistant to moisture and stains while allowing vapor to escape. 511 Porous Plus is not a surface coating and will not alter the natural look. Can be used on:

  • Terra Cotta
  • Sandstone
  • Cantera
  • Slate
  • Marble
  • Saltillo Tile
  • Granite
  • Flagstone
  • Limestone

Coverage: 500 – 4,000 square feet per gallon.

Penetrating Sealer-Water Based

Sealer’s Choice Gold

A premium, no-sheen, water-based, penetrating sealer, formulated to provide maximum stain protection. Acceptable for both interior and exterior use. Has Microban to inhibit mold and mildew growth.

Penetrating/Enhancing Sealer-Oil Based

Enrich N Seal

A premium, no-sheen, enhanced-look penetrating sealer formulated to darken, enrich and highlight the character and beauty of unsealed natural stone. It rejuvenates the color and improves the appearance of worn and weathered stone. Can be used for interior or exterior applications.

Undercoater- Water Based


An all acrylic, water emulsion ‘undercoater’ that protects floor surfaces from water, dirt and abrasive wear. This product saves you money by eliminating frequent strippings and re-coating. This is a perfect product to use on super-porous surfaces and top coated with one of NCL’s high-quality finishes like 24/7 or One.

Penetrating Sealer- Grout

Penetrating Sealer

This economical penetrating sealer is designed to resist stains while also adhering to tight budgets. May also be used as a pre-grouting sealer and grout sealer. Allows moisture vapor transmission.

Penetrating Sealer

511 H20 Plus Sealer

511 H2O Plus is a unique water-based penetrating sealer designed for the protection of all natural stone, tile, grout and masonry surfaces where a water-based product is preferred. 511 H2O Plus is not a surface coating and will not alter the natural look. 511 H2O Plus does not produce a strong odor. 511 H2O Plus penetrates into the surface and forms an invisible barrier that is resistant to moisture and stains while allowing vapor to escape. 511 H2O Plus is not a surface coating and will not alter the natural look.

Special Features:

  • Interior & Exterior Use
  • Safe to Use
  • Oil Resistant
  • Easy to Use
  • Odorless

coverage: 500-1,500 square feet per gallon