What We Do

What We Do

Over 40 years in business has made us subject matter experts in all things related to floor refinishing and maintenance. We are more than a retail store that carries products. Anyone can sell you products. Very few companies know their products, have used them, and know exactly what you need to get you the floors that you love. We are a team of experienced, meticulously trained professionals that are dedicated to getting our customers the best result.

What does our 40+ years of knowledge mean to you? In a nutshell, we are your one-stop shop to getting you the floors that you want.

We can help you if you fall into one of these categories:

Need Serious Advice

Your project has gone sideways and now you’re stuck and need to know how to fix the floor, or whether it’s time to call a professional

You have no idea where to start and what options exist for your particular floor


You are a contractor with a difficult job and need help. We can come on-site, diagnose the problem with the floor, and set you up with the right chemicals and equipment.

Need Consultation

You’re an experienced DIYer and want a customized consultation for your floor with a complete list of materials, equipment and chemicals and a detailed quote for what your project will cost. Book a consult today!

Referral Needed

You know exactly what floor you want and want a referral to an experienced, trusted contractor. All referrals from our store are given only to those professionals we PERSONALLY know, have seen their work, and would trust them to work on our own homes

Not sure how to run the equipment you need to be able to finish your floor? We can help. Confused on what direction to go with your floor? We can help. Do you want the best products, the best equipment, the best result at the best price? We can help.

Regardless of your situation, ICA can help. Call us today!

About Us

We are 100% locally owned. All of our employees live and work in Tucson. We are active members of our beautiful Southern Arizona community. ICA invests in both its employees and its local community. The last few years have been tumultuous for the world. In a time where many employers have experienced issues keeping staff, ICA team members showed up to work each day during the pandemic without a single complaint. We regularly make donations to and volunteer with charities and worthy organizations throughout our community. During the pandemic, ICA donated supplies and products to at-risk seniors who were not able to find much needed supplies. Additionally, ICA prioritized and reserved supplies and chemicals during the pandemic to our local Fire, Police and EMS departments. ICA firmly believes that as a community, we must take care of those that take care of us and we are grateful to all of our community’s first responders.

Since 1977, Industrial Chemical of Arizona (ICA) has worked directly with the top American manufacturers of floor refinishing and maintenance supplies and with Southern Arizona’s flooring professionals. Education has always been ICA’s focus and since 1977, you have been able to walk through our doors and speak to a knowledgeable team member that can help teach you about picking the right chemicals, products and equipment. Aside from being known for our knowledgeable staff and great products, our signature product, 100ss is the star of the show and is Southern Arizona’s favorite floor and cleaning product. With well over half a million gallons sold, 100ss is known for leaving floors and all hard surfaces brilliantly clean, revitalized, and with a unique and beloved fragrance making it a fan favorite amongst homeowners and contractors alike. Pick a gallon up today at our location on Speedway, at any Ace Hardware in the Tucson area, or on our dedicated 100ss website, 100sscleaner.com